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The woman in the window

A. J. Finn

Harper Collins, New York 2018


A. J. Finn, a New York journalist, has written her first novel with “The woman in the window” and the plot is already being filmed, no wonder. Finn knows all the tricks of the trade, probably also “The girl on the train” and models her story after that, also after famous film classics, from which she quotes throughout the novel as her claustrophobic heroine, child psychotherapist Anna Fox, spends her restricted life watching old films and drinking merlot, together with an unsaviory cocktail of pills because of a car accident she caused, in which she lost her husband and daughter.

When she calls the police, because she has seen a woman stabbed to death in the house opposite, nobody believes her. And nobody believes that that same woman had been to her house before. The neighbours opposite, a couple and their teenage son Ethan, accuse her of stalking them.

She gets the feeling, that somebody has been to her house and in her computer but gives up contacting the police. In the end there is a thrilling, frightening showdown with the murderer on the roof of her house in the midst of a terrible thunderstorm. Just the right end for a movie.